"To Serve, To Protect, To bring justice and peace to the galaxy"

The Freedom Warriors are true believers in the Force. Upholders of Peace and Justice we are fearless in our endeavour. As a full member of the Galactic Alliance we provide the alliance with Military and Security reinforcement and are prepared to undertake difficult and hazardous missions within the Galaxy. We take pride in our allegiance with the Galactic Alliance members and in what we do and we will serve them in any way we can.

To achieve this, our recruits are hand picked and undergo an extensive training program and only the best will be able to finish it. We will instil in our recruits that team work, constant training and communication is paramount in achieving our goals and missions.

Although a Freedom Warrior is first and foremost a being of action they also need to be able to execute cilivian operations. This provides us with the means to expand and reach our goals. Therefore, the Freedom Warriors have a wide range of openings for:

  • Special Operations
  • Combat pilots
  • Capital Ship captains
  • Recon and Security Operatives
  • Transport pilots
  • Planetary surveyor/prospector teams
  • Production leaders
  • Construction workers
  • Recruiter
  • Diplomats
  • etc

It's the intense camaraderie that makes the Freedom Warriors so different to others, it is a name that holds mystery and fires the imagination. To us the spirit of Freedom Warriors is devotion to comrades and total achievement of the mission and cause, it is essential to the way we operate. The bond that a Freedom Warrior makes with his/her comrades is a bond that will never be broken.

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